What Clients Are Saying

Marcelo believes in amazing, thorough, personalized service. His wedding ceremonies are beautiful, rememberable and highly unique - just for you. Here are a select number of comments from online reviews & sent in by clients.

What Clients Are Saying

We’ve offered wedding packages for years and tried a lot of local attorneys. None compares with the sensitivity and first class professionalism of Mr. Galli. He is the best and our clients are completely satisfied with the results. On a moment as special as their Wedding Day, we’ve found that settling for less may be a mistake.

Jim Damalas,    Hotel Si Como No Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

I want to publicly say thank you to Marcelo and to recommend him to anyone looking for an officiant who will add something to your special day rather than simply fill in paperwork and leave. We wanted someone who could speak both Spanish and English and express warmth and love in both languages, someone who could navigate Costa Rican bureaucracy and make sure our paperwork was 100% correct *again, in both languages* and someone who was willing to take part in a non-traditional ceremony that involved a fair amount of walking up and down rough forest trails, climbing over some stones by a waterfall, baking in the hot Costa Rican sun on the beach in the middle of the day, putting up with my scatterbrain *graciously forgiving us for not remembering to bring the payment to the beach!! We sorted it out asap, don’t worry*, someone who would fit in well at a small gathering, we only had immediate family, Costa Rican and Northern Irish and someone who embraces love which really is what the day is about. The blessing Marcelo wrote for us brought tears to both our eyes and we love rereading it and remembering the day. He was really relaxed and professional throughout and all communication before and after has been smooth. Thank you again, Marcelo, we wish we could do it all again!

Andres & Rachel,    San Jose, Costa Rica

I love it! The guy that’s getting us married is a vegan! How cool is that? Yeah! It was perfection!

Pink and Corey Hart
   Married at the Four Seasons Papagayo Resort Costa Rica

AND YOU – everyone LOVED you! I’m so sorry I had to deal with our diva photographer for so long and we barely got a chance to hang out with you, (or any of our guests for that matter). But you should know how much we appreciated everything you did for us, and that you fit right in. My Aunts and Uncles told me they had some great chats with you and that you were super cool and very interesting. Everyone thought you were the perfect person to wed Dan and I – you have this natural way of smiling the entire time and people notice that. They said you gave off such a warmth (which we already knew, but it was nice to hear family say it too). Since we have been home several people have commented on how incredible your words were. They said they were the most beautiful and appropriate words, and so well delivered. I’ve watched only a few minutes of the video footage and we really liked how you laughed and kept things so light hearted and meaningful all in the same moment. That’s so “us” and truly you made it so relaxing. I also thought it was incredible of you to “roll with it” – when it was too windy, and you saw that people were just excited to hug us, you quickly let things unfold and said “we’ll just sign the registry after…” I thought that was GENIUS. SO many people would try to ‘force’ the process. You were AMAZING at just going with the flow and finding the right timing. Honestly Marcelo, thank you for making such a huge impact. I do wish we could have seen more of you and chatted longer, however despite the little time we had, you left a massive impact on my family, and we spent the absolute most important moments of the day with YOU. 😉 We appreciated you letting us add a personal touch to the vows as well. Our guests could tell that we had done that and thought it was a great idea. SO many of our guests have said that was the most beautiful wedding they have ever attended and that your words were the most inspiring. Dan and I agree.

Bre & Dan,   Ontario Canada

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